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Platte Canyon High School
Bailey, Colorado

Main Science Page

Welcome to the Physical Science Page at Platte Canyon High School!  We offer a general physical science course primarily aimed at students entering high school as Freshman.  Below you will find links to a variety of information about our Physical Science course, special projects, and various resources.

Course Description Brief description of the course from the PCHS course description book


Class Expectations Class recommendations, materials, resources, homework, and grading
Course Outline A brief outline of the course with brief descriptions.  
Lab Safety    Safety rules for the laboratory.

36th Annual Colorado HS Bridge Building Contest

Unit Expectations The expected lab report format with suggestions and grading scheme.
Lesson Plans A weekly guide to the lessons, standards addressed, and homework.
Cool Sites A collection of Internet sites that may be of interest.  
Useful Information Useful information including Greek alphabet, constants, and formulas.  
Special Projects/Reports Projects of special interest, including catapults, etc.
Student Stuff Special stuff - problems of the week, special assignments, and grades.