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Platte Canyon High School
Bailey, Colorado

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Week 1
     First photos of the surface of Titan (NASA)
     Meteorite on Mars
     Dinosaur in Fossil Mammal's belly
     First Earthquake Movie
     Tsunami Early Warning System
     Sun dimming?

Week 2
Flammable Titan
     World's Largest Iceberg
     Volcanic Warming
     More Fresh Water?
     The End of Hubble?

Week 3
     Thinning Ozone
     Global Warming
     Meteorite Starts Fire
     Earth's Rotation Changed by Tsunami

Week 4
     Saturn Hotspot
     Kilauea's Lava
     Solar Flares
Terra-forming Mars

Week 5
2005 Warmest Year Ever
     What is new with Hotspots?
     Earth's Core in a Bottle
     Asteroid Flyby
     Tsunami Scars

Week 6
Mass Wasting in California
     Iranian Earthquake
     Invisible Galaxy (extra)

Week 7
New Organism Raises Mars Question
     Science Being Stifled in USA?
     Manuscripts and Fossils
     Geological Activity on Titan
     South American Raptors

Week 8
     No articles this week

Week 9
     No articles this week

Week 10

Week 11

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