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Platte Canyon High School
Bailey, Colorado

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Below are 30 pictures of famous geologists and paleontologists along with their names.  They are not in order.  Your assignment, if you choose to accept it is to select one picture, match the name, research the individual and write a one-page summary of them using a word processor and submit a hard-copy and an electronic version of it to receive up to 6 extra credit points.  You may submit only one per week, you cannot duplicate one that you have done, and it must be your own work. Identical submissions will result in 0 points for all. 

The format for the assignment is as follows:
          Brief summary of their contribution to science, in particular earth science.

Here is an example.  Sorry, not one you can use.

Agassiz, Louis Hess, Harry Marsh, Otheniel Charles Powell, John Wesley Steno, Nicolas
Buckland, William

Hutton, James

Milankovic, Milutin Richter, Charles Francis Suess, Eduard
Cope, Edward Drinker Huxley, Thomas Mohs, Friedrich Sedgwick, Adam Wallace, Alfred
Cuvier, Georges Linnaeus, Carl Murchison, Roderick Shoemaker, Eugene Walcott, Charles Doolittle
Darwin, Charles Lyell, Charles Osborn, Henry Fairfield Simpson, George Gaylord Wegener, Alfred
Gould, Stephen Mantell, Gideon Owen, Richard Smith, William Wilson, John Tuzo

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