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Platte Canyon High School
Bailey, Colorado

Physics Main Page



Physics is an advanced level course and we will be covering a lot of material in this class.

I would strongly suggest the following:

1. Listen carefully to class lectures/discussions. You are responsible for everything and anything that we discuss in class. Therefore, it is important that you do not miss classes or if you must, you need to find someone to get the material from that you missed.

2. Take notes. You will be getting handouts as the course progresses, but do not rely solely on these for your information. Take notes on everything that is discussed/covered in class.

3. Ask questions on anything that you do not understand. Do not feel uncomfortable with asking something to be clarified. Chances are, there are others who do not understand it either.

4. Participate in the discussions and activities. Everyone will benefit.



NOTEBOOK - you will need to have a spiral, hardbound, or loose-leaf, 3-ring binder for class notes.  Also a 3-ring binder for  handouts, worksheets, quizzes and tests.

WRITING INSTRUMENT - pencil or pen (no pastel colors or highlighters)

RULER small ruler (6" is ok, with metric markings). 
PROTRACTOR - a 180 or 360 degree clear protractor - will need by 2nd week
Also useful but not required would be a

CALCULATOR = a calculator capable of AT LEAST arithmetic (+-x/), operations, square root, exponents (EE), and trig functions (sin, cos, tan). (TI-82, 83, 83+, 86, and 92’s are ok, but not necessary). Playing games on calculators at anytime during class is prohibited. Consequences may include but are not limited to erasure of memory.

Playing games on calculators at anytime during class is prohibited.  Consequences may include but are not limited to erasure of calculator memory.



LECTURES:     most of the basic information will come from classroom lectures and discussions. 

SERVER:         classroom information is available on the school server and we will be accessing it often.  It is accessible only from school computers.  It can be found by right clicking the START button and selecting EXPLORE.  Then select DATA ON PCHS3, MR. GHIST, and then PHYSICS. 

INTERNET:      lots of useful information including many of the handouts, homework assignments, and extra credit work can be found on our website –




Expect homework everyday. There will be days when you won’t have any, but always plan for it.

Homework is expected to be done, it will be graded, and will account for approximately 10% of your grade.

Completed assignments/homework are to be turned in to me on the date due.

Homework as well as any assignment is expected to be neatly and legibly completed. If I cannot read it, it will be returned to you to be redone and resubmitted. Torn or crumpled papers will not be accepted, nor will pages with graffiti or extraneous unrelated notes. Resubmitted work will be due the next day to receive credit.

Completed assignments/homework are to be turned in to me on the date due.  Homework one (1) day late will be worth 50%; two(2) or more days will be worth 0%.

Forgot your homework assignment – check the Internet!

It is your responsibility to remember to turn in your homework.



We will have quite a lot of laboratory assignments (usually 2-3 per week).

They are an important part of the class and account for approximately 20% of your grade.

Formal Lab Write-ups will be usually be due 2 days after completion of the lab unless otherwise specified.

The lab area is OFF LIMITS, except with my permission or during an assigned lab.

If you are in the lab area or into any cabinets without permission, you will have an after-school detention.

If inappropriate behavior occurs during a lab, you will receive a ZERO for that lab assignment.

If you break or destroy equipment due to inappropriate actions, you will pay for its replacement.

NO FOOD OR DRINK in lab area at any time.



You will have a test after each unit (approximately 10 during course).  You will have the entire class period to work on them.  If you do not finish during the class period, you may stay after (with teacher permission if during another class) or after school.  You must complete the test on the day it is given.   

Expect a quiz everyday at the beginning of class.  Usually 5 to 10 pts each.  No quizzes on Test days

 Midterm and Final
Midterm covers everything during the first quarter (first half of the smear).  Final covers both first and second quarters with emphasis on second quarter.  Midterm counts 20% of first quarter’s grade.  Final counts 20% of second quarter’s grade.

My grading scale is as follows:

89.50% - 100% A
79.50% - 89.49% B
69.50% - 79.49% C
59.50% - 69.49% D
Below 59.50% F

Semester grades will be based on combined scores from worksheets, labs, quizzes, tests, projects, homework, and class participation. Midterms/Finals will count 20% of each semester's grade.

The following are the percentages that each activity will count.

Tests 35%
Labs 20%
Quizzes  15%
Worksheets/Homework  10%
Midterm/Final 20%
Total 100%



AND FINALLY If you need help, have questions, or are confused about anything, ASK!