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MURDER? - Spring, 2001




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A body lies dead in the study.  Was it murder, suicide, accidental death, or natural causes?  You must decide based on your deductions (analysis) of the clues (observations, data).  Use the SCIENTIFIC METHOD to solve the case.


Work with a partner to solve the problem.

Teams must work separately; they should not discuss clues, observations, data, procedures or conclusions with members of any other team.

Teams will be allowed time to view the crime scene where they should make observations and formulate any questions.

Teams may ask questions concerning the crime scene.

When not viewing the crime scene, teams should work quietly together in the classroom area.  They should not be disturbing any other team and should not be aimlessly wandering about.  Part of your final grade will be reflected in your team work (cooperation, attitude, communication).


Evidence/Supporting Information:

1.  The crime scene
2.  The autopsy report
3.  The police report
4.  Witness Reports
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Students understand the processes of scientific investigation and design, conduct, communicate about, and evaluate such investigations.