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Platte Canyon High School
Bailey, Colorado

Earth Science Main Page



The Canyon Room is the new commons/cafeteria area at our school.

Along the back wall behind the booths, sandstone fragments have been arranged in the shape of mountains.  The slabs of sandstone are from the Lyons/Lykins formation.  Click on the mountain to the right for more detail and a closer look. Around the posts and upper level of the canyon room are cobbles and boulders embedded in mortar.  Click on this man-made "conglomerate" for more information. One of the showcases in the canyon room is the fireplace.  As you can see it is still under construction, but the mantle and caprocks are some interesting sandstones.  Click on the fireplace for more. Although not natural "rocks", the walls are interesting to look at as well.  Click to see and hear more.