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Platte Canyon High School
Bailey, Colorado

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Senate Committee of Agriculture & Natural Resources


The Bill HB02-1346 was read to the Senate Committee of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the State Capitol on March 21, 2002. 

The Spring Earth Science class was not present for this presentation as we were unfortunately on Spring break at the time.  A number of persons did testify as to the suitability of rhodochrosite to be our state mineral as was done during the House committee presentation.


Testifying for rhodochrosite:

Senator Chlouber, sponsor
Mr. Bryan Lees, owner of the Sweet Home Mine
Dr. Jack Murphy, Curator of Geology, Denver Museum of Nature and Science
Dr. Jim Cappa, Colorado Geologic Survey
Mr. Jim Hurlbut, Rocky Mountain Federation Mineral Society
Dr. Betsy Clark Murry, American Institute of Professional Geologists


  The decision: 7-0 in favor of rhodochrosite.