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Platte Canyon High School
Bailey, Colorado

Earth Science Lessons




A. Define an igneous rock and relate it to the rock cycle.
B. Identify the common igneous rocks by their physical and chemical characteristics
C. Compare and contrast intrusive and extrusive rocks, their origin, occurrence, and
     geological significance.
D. Understand how magma forms, factors which affect its melting temperatures and
     composition, and how its formation and occurrence is related to plate tectonics.
E. Compare and contrast the different types of volcanoes, eruptive characteristics,
     and distribution.
F. Describe the various techniques and approaches scientist's use in studying,
    understanding, and predicting volcanic eruptions.
G. Discuss the effects of volcanism on humans and climate.


Igneous Rock Lab     Identification of 10 igneous rocks representing a variety of compositional and textural styles.
Volcano Report     Research of some of the most famous volcanoes in the world, including Mount St. Helens, Vesuvius, Pinatubo, Krakatoa, Tambora, Etna, Mazama, Fuji, Mauna Loa, etc.
Volcanic Rocks of Colorado     Distribution of volcanic rocks across the state of Colorado
Summer Coon Volcanic Field     Investigation using topographic and aerial photos of a volcanic field in south-central Colorado.
Intrusive Rocks     Virtual Fieldtrip to the igneous dykes along Hwy 285 near Tiny Town.