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Platte Canyon High School
Bailey, Colorado

Earth Science Main Page

(at least for a geologist)


Topozone (topographic maps
Terraserver (maps and aerial photo
Topographic Map Symbols
All About Maps - Topos
USGS Topographic Maps
Landforms on Topos
Topographic Mapping


Periodic Table of Elements

Hyper Elements

Periodic Table of Elements

Web Elements

Links for Mineralogists

The Physical Characteristics of Minerals

Mineral Database

Mineral Structure Data

Mineral Etymology

Mineral Data

Igneous Rocks
Igneous Rocks
Introduction to Igneous Rocks

Volcano World
USGS site on Volcanoes
Can we predict Volcanic Eruptions?
How Volcanoes Work
Volcano Online Book
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Earth’s Active Volcanoes
Cascades Volcano Observatory
Italy ’s Volcanoes
Another USGS Volcano Site
Alaska Volcano Observatory
Terrestrial Volcanoes
Martian Volcanoes

Rock Weathering on Mars
Rock Weathering and Soil Formation
Weathering Vocabulary
Weathering and Erosion

Sedimentary Rocks
Sedimentary Rocks
Introduction to Sedimentary Rocks
Alphabetical Listing of Sedimentary Rocks
Classification of Sedimentary Rocks
Sedimentary Rocks – a bit technical
Sedimentary Rock Pictures
Sedimentary Rocks – another one on the technical side
Martian Sedimentary Rocks

Metamorphic Rocks
Metamorphic Rocks
Metamorphic Rocks a bit technical
More metamorphic rocks
Alphabetical List of Metamorphic Rocks
Metamorphic Rock Tour
Metamorphic Rocks
Metamorphic Rock Pictures

USGS National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC)
Seismosurfing the Web
Univ. of Colorado Department of Physics

Mountain Building Models

Plate Borders & Mountain Building
Mountain Building Learning Module
Mountain Building

Groundwater Foundation

Groundwater Basics
Groundwater Fact Sheet


Earth's Streams

What is a stream?


All about Glaciers

What are Glaciers?
Icefields and Glaciers
How Glaciers Form and Flow
Glacial Geology
Glaciers and Glaciation

The Desert Biome

Deserts: Geology and Resources
Principal Deserts of the World
North American Deserts


More Oceans
Ocean Statistics
Oceans of Kansas?


Plate Tectonics
This Dynamic Earth
Plate Tectonics - the cause of Earthquakes
ABC's of Plate Tectonics
The Earth's Interior and Plate Tectonics
Plate Tectonic Animations

Another Plate Animation

Geologic Time
A Geologic Time Scale

Dr. Bob's Geologic Time Page
Radioactive Dating Explained
Relative Dating Techniques
Relative Dating Exercises


Historical Geology
Dinosaur Glossary

Paleontology Links